Late Lunch Thursday 31st January 2019

Looking for some inspiration today?  Have a listen to the conversation between Gerry and Eileen Rushe from her hospital bed at St Lukes where she's undergoing treatment for cervical cancer.  Mag Cooney told us about a great idea one of her children at ABC Playschool in Dunboyne came up with to tackle the scourge of dog poo on the streets of the village.  Kate Gunn's alcohol free month has continued for more than two years at this stage and boy is she reaping the benefits!  Tara Walker selected Dunany Flour as her first producer from the Boyne Valley to feature on her year-long series where she uses foodstuffs produced on our doorstep. While Late Lunch Retro returned to an interview with Nuala Early who passed away in late December.  

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