The Lloyd’s List Podcast: Closing the loop on shipping’s circular economy

Shipping has focussed on fuels as the one factor it can control in the push to decarbonise, but the creation of a truly sustainable industry will require a more holistic ‘lifecycle’ approach. The concept of a circular economy requiring us to reduce, reuse, refurbish and recycle should be a sustainability slam dunk, but it requires cross sectoral collaboration, global regulation and business model innovation – all challenges this industry has traditionally struggled to overcome. So how do we close the loop on the circular economy for shipping?

Joining Lloyd’s List Editor Richard Meade this week:

Samantha Bramley, Executive Director, Environmental and Social Risk Management, Standard Chartered Bank

Ginger Garte, Lloyd’s Register Foundation Environmental & Sustainability Director, Americas

Capt. Prashant S. Widge. Head of Responsible Ship Recycling at Maersk

Andrew Stephens, Executive Director, The Sustainable Shipping Initiative