Love going to clubs and festivals? Enjoy listening to music through your earphones everyday? You may be one of the many young people now suffering from hearing loss..

Hearing loss is an affliction that we most commonly associate with older poeple but did you know that 1 in 6 Irish adults are affected by hearing loss and on average wait 10 years to take action.

More and more young people are presenting with hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises in particular - loud music, gigs and festivals, loud working environments and busy traffic..

Chime, the National Charity for Deafness & Hearing Loss have taken to the streets of Limerick to ask the general public: What’s the best thing you HEARD today? in a bid to raise awareness of their cause..

Joe is joined by Mark Byrne (Chime CEO) & Brendan Lennon (Director of Advocacy).. 

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