Did you know 1 in 5 women suffer from mental health problems during pregnancy and/or after birth?

1 in 5 women have mental health problems—most commonly depression and anxiety—during pregnancy and/or after birth.

The University Maternity Hospital Limerick launched 'The Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service ' in May of last year which has proved to be a great success to aiding those affected mid pregnancy and postnatal mental health issues.

To mark this the hospital launched the 'Whose Shoes' workshop that has been attended by doctors, midwives, parents and their babies to establish an open relationship where support can be given to those in need of it. 

To tell us more Joe is joined by Consultant Psychiatrist at UHL - Dr Mas Mahady Mohammad and 'Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service' user - Michelle Daly Hayes..

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