March 1989 Pop Culture: Surfing, Beaches & Unprepared Interviewers

If there's one thread that runs through nearly all the pop cultural coverage of the March 1989 issue, it's writers acting like preparation is for nerds. Christina admits in a What Now item that she assumed U2 was an inspiration for The Go-Betweens when it was actually the other way around. Neill reviewsย Rain Manย without knowing anything about it. Christina jumps in on theย Nightmare On Elm Streetย franchise with its fourth installment. And Neill ends up with so little material for his Christina Applegate Q&A that he has to leave in "How are you?" -- yes, really. At least Eric Stoltz mixes things up by acting totally unprepared for the experience ofย gettingย interviewed, and comes off like a real turd. We discuss all of this in our latest podcast, for which -- if anything -- we might have OVERprepared.

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