August 1989 Teen Life: Gambling, Cheerleading & Flings

Want to learn how grim a teen's journey into gambling addiction actually is? NO? Well, too bad, because Catherine's piece on Kim Cohen leads off the features in the August 1989 issue. We also cover cheerleading, summer flings, the intimate results of the recent Sassy readers' poll, and a short story about a girl short-circuiting her mom's affair with an electrician (see what we did there). But wait, there's more! Soy sauce! Bad breath! Communes! Abortion! Athlete's foot! And a whole new feature, It's My Life, to make you jealous of a girl you never met just because she got to tell the whole Sassy readership how cool she is! Go sit in front of a fan and listen to us talk about the Teen Life topics of the August 1989 issue!

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