5. Kieran Long - urban injustices, ArkDes and London!

Sometimes we come across people that we might have known in a past life. Kieran Long is one of those people for me. When he came to the pod studio it felt like we had known each other for ages. Not only because of his very inviting personality but also because we share a lot of common thoughts but yet from two different worlds. Kieran is not apologetic in his statements about the urban realm and architecture which I miss in the open debate. As the head curator of ArkDes, Sweden’s National Center of Architecture and Design, former curator of London’s Victoria and Albert museum and architect journalist he has a very important role and voice in the public debate, and I feel very hopeful that he, of all, is that voice. Mr. Long's style is progressive in a charismatic and diplomatic way. 

We conversate about ArkDes, urban injustice, gentrification, segregation, the concrete jungle and why NWA and hip hop should be an exhibition at ArkDes! Mr. Long, although born in New Hampton, England, is a true Londoner living in Stockholm which has given him an interesting angle in how he can compare the two cities. He also tells us why that little bird in the coffee shop is so important, how crime is interesting to the cities we live in and we also get the answer to IF he like bricks or nah. I mean he IS a Londoner after all!

A lot of laughs in this one. I absolutely LOVE this episode!

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