'Who Goes To Non-Religious Church?' w/ Dr. Josh Bullock - #64

In 2013 Sunday Assembly launched, it was a new movement of non-religious congregations that spread across the world. Today we interview Dr. Josh Bullock who wrote his pHd on the sociology of Sunday Assembly through in-depth interviews with members and participants.

The interview is a fascinating deep dive into a truly pioneering organisation which I should mention, I co-founded. In a world (oooh, that sounds very movie trailer-esque) where division, polarisation, atomisation and meaninglessness prowl in rosebushes, the questions that are being asked and answered in Sunday Assembly are vital.

In this interview we really dive into who attends Sunday Assembly, why do people join these communities, who is the 'average' attendee, why is the congregation so white, and much else besides.

Josh's phd: https://eprints.kingston.ac.uk/id/eprint/41775/

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