'Companies Can't Save Us From Climate Change' - Ed Gillespie - #62

Our guest on the Lifefulness Podcast is climate campaigner, sustainability consultant, podcast futurist and renaissance man, Ed Gillespie. Ed has dedicated his life to regenerating the planet by encouraging companies to reform - but will that work? Can companies be part of the solution?

The podcast starts a little differently by asking Ed about where he finds joy, wonder and mystery in life. We made this change after feedback from listeners that the podcast didn't have a central theme when, in fact, it does. Lifefulness is all about treating life as though it is sacred, so that's where we'll start.

More about Ed:

Ed is a wonderful writer for publications like the Guardian and Conde Nast, the author of 'Slow Travel' - the story of his travel around the world without planes; and now publishes poetry on Medium.

For almost 20 years he ran the sustainability consultancy Futerra, and today he's a Director of Greenpeace UK, along with various other work with companies and charities.

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