'Can Online Community Replace In-Person Connection?" - Rosie Sherry - #Ep 63

Great new podcast today with a legend in the world of online community building, Rosie Sherry. Rosie turned her first community into a $1.5 million business, before being hired by the Indie Hackers site to turbo-charge their growth. Now she's been hired to build community for a software company that builds community building software - a sure sign she's one of the best.

Why are we interviewing her? Because community is vital to Lifefulness, and to living life fully, and she's been at the forefront. Rosie is part of the growing number of secret secular vicars, or stealth chaplains, who are carving their own way in the world.

In this interview we talk about:

  • What people get from community.
  • The dangers of online community.
  • The myths around online community.
  • The reason business is suddenly into community.
  • And much more....

Can't wait for you to listen to the podcast. Please follow Rosie on social media and check out her work online - she's great!

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