'1st Birthday Pod!' - Sanderson Jones & James Croft - Ep #64

It's our birthday! Or at least it was two weeks ago. Yes, the Lifefulness Podcast is 1 year old, which totally blew our minds. 

We decided to do a special episode reflecting on what we've learnt through 63 interviews. The 8 questions we dig into are:

1) What did you learn about Lifefulness?

2) What did our guests have in common?

Then we dig into the 6 PIllars of Lifefulness:

3) What did we learn about Ultimate Meaning?

4) What did we learn about Celebration and Contemplation?

5) What did we learn about Community Life?

6) What did we learn about Personal Growth?

7) What did we learn about Serving Others?

8) What did we learn about Speaking Truth?

It turns out that speaking to incredibly smart people every week, will do wonders for your thinking. We've essentially had deep-dives with thought leaders in our field once every 7 days, and boy has it helped us.

Thanks so much for listening. You're amazing. We love doing this for you. Can't wait to see where it goes.

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