S2E7: Dr Seema Yasmin on Journalism, Imperfect Heroes and The Power of Storytelling.

In this episode, Amile sits down with the accomplished (and very cool) Dr Seema Yasmin. She grew up in East London, studied Medicine at Cambridge and has since found herself working across the world in various capacities.

Though a doctor by name, she is a storyteller by nature. Her CV reads like no other. She worked as a CDC Epidemiologist during the Ebola Crisis, a News Anchor in the USA & a University Professor. She has done TED talks, written books, poetry & cares about social justice. In her most recently published book 'The Impatient Dr Lange' she details the life of her brilliantly eccentric mentor whose life was sadly cut short in the tragic MH17 plane crash.

We learn how stories can offer solutions & why we must see our heroes as imperfect. Tune in. You won't be dissappointed!

Connect with her on Instagram and Twitter. Also check out her books, The Impatient Dr Lange (out now) & Debunked! (to be released in 2019). Her poetry and Ted Talks can also be found online.


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