Dolly Alderton, writer and podcaster

Before the show enjoys a summer holiday, author, columnist and podcaster Dolly Alderton shares her love of food with Jimi and Alison. Revelling in the way food and memory are irrevocably entwined, she talks about her recipe-sprinkled memoir, Everything I Know About Love, and what it was like to reveal so much about herself through its pages. She describes her great pleasure in cooking for others – while confessing to being a control freak in the kitchen – and says that when she’s out on a date, there’s nothing nicer than being with someone who relishes a good meal. Dolly also namedrops her favourite Parisian bistro and reveals that her writing is often fuelled by pickled onions…

Dolly is the Sunday Times Style’s agony aunt and you can read her column weekly. Her debut novel Ghosts is out now and you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @dollyalderton.

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