#013 Goal Mapping With Stephen Karbaron

Stephen is a serial entrepreneur, World citizen and protagonist for World Peace. Born in the UK, he has

also lived and/or worked in Russia, Spain, Chile, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, USA, Turkey

and China. His love of people, planet and personal development has taken him to many countries and

cultures, now focusing on bringing them all together for a more conscious and sustainable future.

Stephen's life purpose is "Making the World a better place for all".

After discovering Goal Mapping at Anthony Robbins’ Date With Destiny in 2006, his 10 year Goals all

came together in 2016! In 2017 he was introduced to Brian Mayne, who had invented the Goal Mapping

system, and they have become close friends. Stephen was fortunate to be personally coached by Brian

in 2019 to become a Goal Mapping Master Coach and has used it for his own breakthroughs and

success, whilst sharing it with many students this year and helping them navigate the challenging times

we are in. Goal Mapping can be used to attain your dreams and aspirations in general life, relationships,

and business.

Connect with Stephen:

Goal Mapping Coach:     https://online.goalmapping.com/coaches/stephen-karbaron

LinkedIn:                             https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenkarbaron/

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