#008 Tragedy, Trust and Triumph With Celia Peachey

Celia Peachey is an entrepreneur, life transformation coach, inspirational speaker, artist, activist and alchemist. Celia’s core belief is that when you transform yourself, you transform the world. 

What was the catalyst for her transformation? 

In 2008, her mother, Maria Stubbings, was brutally murdered by her ex-partner who had a history of violence and domestic abuse, having murdered a former girlfriend whilst living in Germany. Since then Celia has been actively campaigning.

Whilst her Mum was being bullied and in fear for her life, Celia was trying to piece her life together from a troubled and challenging youth & create something she could enjoy and be proud of. 

She decided to attend a 10 day silent meditation retreat, no phones and no contact with the outside world. Something took her there, call it desperation or divine inspiration. The timing of that retreat and the Vipassana meditation practice itself, she claims are part of the reasons why she is alive today.  

Celia is known for her activism, she is a keen conscious agent for cultural change, In the area of peace and human rights she is a now a key voice for Safe Lives, a facilitator for the Centre of Peaceful Solutions and a committee member and key ambassador for Amnesty International.

She is a key voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, has addressed both Houses of Parliament, has ongoing work with the Duchess of Cornwall and spoken most recently at (WOW), World of the Festival 2019. 

Cultural change is her passion, she works closely with various organisations and charities, using her to voice to create positive change.

She has come to understand that, with the right attitude, conflict can be the source of positive change, when we are equipped to articulate our needs with clarity, coherence and compassion, we can truly make a stand for who we are and what we believe in; meaning we will not only find our needs being met, but we will create the ripple effect we were born to create.

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