EP 7: WONDERS OF BAD HABITS, Coronavirus + Jonah at Mardi Gras & Lauren cooks water

Having trouble breaking those bad habits? We talk all about job searching and give advice to job seekers (19:52) this week!
We’re millennial’s – of course we don’t have it figured out! We are back on the bottom of the social food chain at the sweet and not so innocent age of twenty-somethings. Jonah & Lauren are here to help you navigate this minefield of our lives by sharing our life bloopers and bringing light to some not so fun situations that we get into. This week Jonah chips his tooth at Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras (6:58) and Lauren's boiling water goes missing (15:15). We wrap up with a little game of 'This or That' (29:36).
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