#044 Post arrest cooling with Professor Tobias Cronberg

Paul talks with Professor Tobias Cronberg from Lund University in Sweden who is a consultant in Neurology and has a deep interest in brain injury after a cardiac arrest.

Professor Cronberg has been working with cooling technologies for over 20 years and is a senior member of the team behind the world wide Targeted Temperature Management 2 (TTM2) trial. The trial is a continuation of the original TTM trial and with almost 2000 patients enrolled, it will supercede it as the largest trial on temperature management as a post-cardiac arrest intervention.

Professor Cronberg talks about the history of cooling and what the study hopes to achieve and where it currently is.

A fascinating overview of this intervention that many cardiac arrest patients will have received as part of their treatment.

Presented and edited by Paul Swindell. Recorded April 2020.

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