SBG 70: Parks and Rec with Vico Ortiz

Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) sit down with Puerto Rican non-binary actor Vico Ortiz (@puertoricaninja) to chat about why Parks and Recreation Should’ve Been Gay. Parks and Rec is a comfort show for almost every queer person we know, and yet it’s somehow not actually gay? First off, parks are canonically gay. Lesbians own camping and hiking. Recreation? Also gay. The queer coding of chosen family is strong in this show. If you look up “bear” in the queer dictionary, you get a picture of Ron Swanson. Leslie is canonically head over heels for her best friend Ann. She would drop her husband in a second for a chance with Ann. Leslie and Ann are written so gay and we were robbed of them getting to be together. We could’ve had such a beautiful polycule with Ben and Leslie and Chris and Ann. Follow along on Twitter: Lez Hang Out (@lezhangoutpod) and answer our Q & Gay at the end of every episode. Leigh Holmes Foster (@lshfoster) and Ellie Brigida (@elliebrigida). You can also join us on and follow along on Instagram (@lezhangoutpod).

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