SBG 26: LIVE from Clexacon: SBG Buffy and Faith and Dumplin with Amber Benson and Kia Barnes

Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) hang out with Amber Benson (@rebmanosneb) and Kia Barnes (@kiacomedy) for their LIVE SHOW in Las Vegas at Clexacon. Amber Benson dives into why Buffy & Faith should've been gay because they're the only ones who can understand each other and Eliza Duskhu. #teamfuffy Oh and Ellie and Leigh had to write a song about it and perform it with a live audience. Kia Barnes dives into why Dumplin Should've Been Gay because of the clear chemistry between Willa Dean and Ellen #teameldump. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates on upcoming live shows. Follow along on Twitter: Lez Hang Out (@lezhangoutpod) and answer our Q & Gay at the end of every episode. Leigh Holmes Foster (@lshfoster) and Ellie Brigida (@elliebrigida). You can also join us on and follow along on Instagram (@lezhangoutpod).

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