SBG 86: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with Arlen Aguayo-Stewart

Leigh (@lshfoster) and Ellie (@elliebrigida) hang out with actor Arlen Aguayo-Stewart (@arlenaguayostewart) and talk about why the classic 2003 romcom How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Should’ve Been Gay. We start off by imagining Arlen’s character Nicte from Motherland: Fort Salem as the scorned ex in literally every romcom ever made. Then we dive into why this movie is so gay. First off, the characters make so much more sense if everyone in this movie is gay. What is a gayer assignment than to make a man not love you? Her actual work assignment is to drive away a conventionally attractive man. Yeah that definitely sounds super “straight”. Everything Andie does to lose Ben is basically a lesbian couple stereotype. Seriously, she moves some of her stuff in after like 2 days and buys him a plant and a dog. They go to couples therapy very early on and she takes him to see Celine Dion. She brings him to a vegetarian restaurant where she knows all the staff members. Literally the only thing that’s missing is the UHaul. When Andie isn’t with Ben, she’s heavily flirting with her female best friends/coworkers and focusing on becoming a serious lesbian journalist who writes about politics and foreign affairs. When Ben isn’t with Andie, he’s apparently with zero girls ever? His male coworkers drool over him while he changes his perpetually sweaty shirt in the office and his family reports that he has never brought a girl home until Andie. His brother full on was expecting Andie to be a guy when she showed up. Even the supporting characters are gay, from Andie’s lesbian misandrist boss to the Judies, two women both named Judy who are clearly in a long-term lesbian relationship with one another. We know one thing for sure, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days Should’ve Been Gay. Follow along on Twitter: Lez Hang Out (@lezhangoutpod) and answer our Q & Gay at the end of every episode. Leigh Holmes Foster (@lshfoster) and Ellie Brigida (@elliebrigida). You can also join us on and follow along on Instagram (@lezhangoutpod).

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