Coming Out Pod: Jay Toole (a.k.a. Super Butch)

While you wait for Season 6 of Lez Hang Out Pod, check out this great episode from our friends over at Coming Out Pod!

It's officially Pride Month, and we're kicking things off with an UN-F$@#!NG-BELIEVABLE guest!! At thirteen years old, Jay Toole (known to all as Super Butch) came home with a flat top hair cut, and was promptly kicked out for good. Jay headed straight for the West Village, and before long, she was taken in by a community of homeless queer kids in Washington Square Park. What followed was over twenty-five years of living on the street, and some of the most amazing stories we have EVER heard on the podcast! It's impossible to do justice to this episode in a blurb, but among other things, Jay discusses the stints she did at the famed Women's House of Detention, and her experience AT THE STONEWALL RIOTS!!! Jay is an indispensable (and *hilarious*) resource for our community, and we cannot emphasize enough what an honor it was to talk to her. Happy Pride, everybody!

(TW: passing mentions of sexual assault, but nothing descriptive)

You can honest-to-God contact Jay at the number she gave out in this episode! She's also on Facebook at, and her website is

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