07 - INTERVIEW WITH SPENCER MCMURTRY - Founder & CEO of The Systems Method

Spencer McMurtry is an entrepreneur that has a lot of experience in the automation and selling of businesses. He started his first business when he was 15 years old and then went onto creating his second businesses called Infinite Graphics which was a printing business which became the largest provider on his local area, then he sold that business to create Striking Wraps which became the largest provider for Vehicle Wraps for Culligan Water Franchise which he sold to Signature Graphics (a Fortune 500 company) and also gave consulting to them so that he could start building his new business called “The Systems Method.”

Spencer McMurtry is also the instructor of an entrepreneurship group called “The Secret Society Mastermind” created by Timothy Marc and through that he has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs to scaled their business in many countries around the world (including myself).

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About Rodrigo Flamenco:

Rodrigo flamenco started in a third world Country called El Salvador in Central America with no idea how to do businesses earning $600 a month on an IT job while on a $20K+ debt. After taking a couple of courses he decided to start his own business called Epic Web Studio, which ended working with many big international brands and over 18+ countries all over the world.

Then an opportunity arrived to start a new business and for 2 years, without a website or even a name, that business won two $30K projects, one $55K project and connected with many of the top professionals and business and founders in the industry of animation. That business is now Frame Freak Studio which is his 100% focus. Now he helps other business (specially tech startups) to get better results through animations and helping professionals in the animation industry through teaching marketing.

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