letters to a down to earth girl

by Naomi Gale
Want to finally work with your body rather than against it? This is a fortnightly podcast around fertility, periods, breasts, feminism, sustainability and confidence. Your modern day agony aunt, if you will. Practical tips and empowering stories with me, Naomi Gale (@thisisnaomigale). It's the kind of podcast guaranteed to perk up your tits on the days when you need it the most. This podcast will inspire you to make the smallest changes whether physically, spiritually or emotionally to help you feel more in control of your relationship with yourself and others. I am a teacher and FAM educator in training with a super engaged Instagram audience of over 5k. The episodes read and answer letters from my community. If you listen and feel inspired to write me a letter for an episode then I would love to read it either via email yassqueen@thisisnaomigale.co.uk or via DMs on my Instagram @thisisnaomigale. #deardowntoearthgirl
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