Here’s what happened to my Senna! *Insurance* | Salomondrin LTACY #306

What's up my G's!? Finally, this is the news you've wanted.

The show originally aired live on on 3/11/19. Podcasts are recorded live every Monday and Wednesday on at 4pm PST or whenever we feel like it.

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Time Code

00:00 Intro

00:51 Daylight Savings

01:19 917 Concept

03:50 R Kelly Interview

07:56 Belens G63

10:50 Mclaren Insurance

15:17 Buddy’s Wife and Trump

16:40 More Insurance

23:21 Would you take another Senna?

24:09 What Performance car do you recommend under 60K

25:47 How you overcame the fear of being on camera

28:01 Would you get another Tesla?

28:31 Who else do you watch on YouTube?

33:11 What car would you recommend for someone 6’7”?

36:20 Ford Bronco

39:30 Tesla Cutting then Raising Prices

43:30 Hennessy F5 Venom

44:25 K-Egg 300mph

46:55 Rimac

50:23 Back to K-Egg

52:40 Speedtail

53:50 Curious about the market now

54:40 On the verge of depreciation

59:25 Mercedes A Class

01:01:36 Verge of Appreciation

01:04:08 Someone bitching on YouTube

01:10:02 Where we started and where we are going

01:12:30 Meet Ups

01:14:20 AMG GTR

01:16:15 Travel Meet Ups

01:20:28 Stiffness Test

01:26:10 Hotbox Hot Topic

01:27:29 Deleted LaFerrari Review