Episode 47. Katherine Ormerod, Author Of 'Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life', On Using Your Apps Consciously & The Future Of Social Media

Welcome back to a brand new season of Let’s Discuss! We are so happy to be here with you. 

To kick start Season 7 we sat down with writer, speaker, influencer and author Katherine Ormerod to discuss her book Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life

As bloggers ourselves, and avid users of social media, we empathise with the emotional ebbs and flows of using various platforms. 

During this episode we dive into the impetus behind Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life, and discuss at length the impact using social media can have on our lives. 

We also discuss the simple habit changes we can all make to have a healthier relationship with our apps. 

We hope that you'll love virtually chatting this through with us, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic! We have a brand new Instagram account which you can connect with us on: @LetsDiscussPodcast.


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