Episode 50. Our Thoughts on the Future of Blogging & Instagram

To mark our milestone 50th episode(!), we are taking an in-depth look at the future of blogging.

With 21 years of blogging experience between us, we have seen the industry’s landscape change dramatically. Many times over!

The blogging world, as it now stands, is SO different to when we first started. 

As social media platforms, like Instagram, become increasingly more prominent, we’re exploring blogging's relevance in 2019, and what the future of the industry holds. 

We also share advice for newbie bloggers, and bloggers looking to go full-time with their platforms. 

We dip into the relationship between our egos and our analytics, and how we try to keep comparison at bay. 

And finally we round things off by sharing our long-term blogging plans, how we feel about blogs and social media playing a part in our lives, and some of our all-time favourite blogs. 

This is VERY in-depth conversation about the blogging industry, and we hope that you’ll love diving into it with us!


Ella's blog - Coco's Tea Party

Monica's blog - The Elgin Avenue

Ella's Instagram account - @CocosTeaParty 

Monica's Instagram account - @MonicaBeatrice

Our show Instagram account - @LetsDiscussPodcast


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