Ricky Ponting on his mental checklist, most cherished moment and going all in

Ricky Ponting is one of cricket's greatest captains, batsmen and fielders and I am delighted and privileged to have him on Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Punter took me under his wing from the day that I met him as a nineteen year old playing with him for Tasmania. He went on to play a massive part in the success I had on the field, but I wish I had asked him the questions I put to him on this episode when we were playing together - it would have made the world of difference. Fortunately, you can hear the great man talk about his batting methods, mental techniques, fielding tips, leadership learnings and who inspired him to become Australia's best batsman since Bradman.

Episode Rundown

03:00 - We start by talking about my favourite highlights of Ricky's career, including a career-defining hundred in the 4th Ashes Test of 2001

13:08 - Ricky then talks about his career highlight, not a personal innings but a team moment he considers his most cherished

16:15 - Ricky talks batting techniques and what he did to stay focused

37:04 - Ricky explains the tricks and tactics that he used to be one of the world's deadliest fielders

48:09 - We talk about leadership and how Ricky would have done things differently in the 2005 Ashes

53:33 - Ricky discusses his role in the media and if he would have changed his attitude to the media during his playing days

58:58 - The financial side of life and Ricky's new business venture

1:10:09 - Ricky talks about the work ethic his father instilled in him

1:13:17 - Ricky talks about the most inspiring person he has met - his dad

1:14:53 - We finish with how Ricky soaked up information as a small kid in Tasmania to become one of the world's best cricketers


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