Murali Vijay on staying calm, being comfortable and connecting with human beings

I first knew Murali Vijay as a dangerous rival on the international stage but I've been lucky enough to play alongside him with CSK and learnt what a great player and person he truly is. I can vividly remember the times Vijay put the Australian teams I played in to the sword, and I can say it's much better having him as a friend than a foe! Vijay is a master of playing fast and spin bowling and hearing him chat about how he handles the turning ball is not to be missed. Vijay speaks so well about the mental side of cricket, his philosophies on life and playing with the legendary Sachin Tendulkar. 

Episode rundown

02:19 - Vijay and I chat through some his incredible career highlights for India and in the IPL

06:35 - We get into the technical side of the game, starting with batting and how Vijay played spin bowling

20:36 - Vijay explains his fitness regime and how he trains to cover all scenarios

22:48 - There are few better close-in fielders than Vijay and here he talks us through his method

25:31 - We delve into the mental side of cricket and how Vijay uses visualisation

34:43 - Here we cover the media and social media and how connecting with people is so important 

48:57 - Vijay explains how his father invested wisely and what he has done with his earnings

55:15 - Vijay's mantra on life

57:52 - How Sachin Tendulkar inspired Vijay

1:00:42 - We finish with the book Vijay carries with him everywhere he goes


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