Justin Langer on mental toughness, meditation and watching the ball

Former Australian batsman and current Aussie head coach Justin Langer is this week's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats. I was lucky enough to play a few Tests with JL, one of Australia's toughest, most resilient and focused cricketers ever. In our chat, JL talks on a wide range of topics from mental toughness to meditation, batting techniques to training his body, who has inspired him to his life philosophies. It's an enlightening conversation and I hope you enjoy his amazing insights.

Episode notes

02:00 - JL starts by telling a terrific story about his breakthrough hundred in the 5th Ashes Test of the 2001 series and how it changed him

11:08 - JL takes us through his mental approach

14:54 - We touch on mediation and how JL discovered it

21:20 - JL's batting mindset

33:54 - We explore JL's batting technique and what worked for him

36:55 - JL discusses his fitness regime

49:22 - JL's mantra when he suffers setbacks

52:23 - JL's reflects on his coaching career

59:57 - How JL treats the media

1:05:22 - JL talks finance and investment

1:08:28 - The people who have influenced JL

Youtube Link

Footage of JL celebrating after his 2001 Ashes Test Hundred in the 5th Test at the Oval



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