Dwayne Bravo on slower balls, beach muscles and becoming the next Jay-Z

Dwayne 'DJ' Bravo is the ultimate cricketer, a genuine allrounder who can star with the bat, ball and in the field and it's my great privilege to speak to him on this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats. DJ might make the game look easy but behind the scenes he is a true professional in his preparation and practice. During our fascinating chat, DJ talks all things cricket and goes in-depth about his aspirations as a music performer and producer, which serve as an inspiration for all people not just athletes. I hope you enjoy my chat with DJ, a real champion! 

Episode Rundown

03:38 - I share my favourite highlights of DJ's career, one each from Test cricket and IPL

10:05 - DJ shares his fondest on-field memories, including his maiden Test century

11:56 - We move into the technical side of the game, starting with DJ's batting

19:30 - DJ then talks about his bowling, focusing on his brilliant slower ball

25:37 - As one of the fittest players in the world, DJ shares his training regime and the exercises he does NOT do

36:07 - DJ was always excellent in the clutch moments and here he shares his mental skills

45:23 - We then move on to the media and how DJ interacts with social media

57:00 - DJ shares his experiences about finance and investment and the importance of having people to trust

1:08:03 - Here DJ discusses his passion for music and how he has followed his dreams despite being told otherwise

1:25:41 - We finish with DJ sharing the inspiring people he has met and how they have impacted his life


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