Tully Smyth pt 1 \ Beyond the sparkle of social media there’s a story of loss, heartbreak and resilience

We all have an idea of the kind of life an influencer lives.

They go to all the cool parties. They wear the best clothes. They get sent everything for free and somehow manage to get a table at that restaurant that’s always too full for your booking. It must be so easy. Right?

You probably know Tully Smyth as an influencer and former Big Brother housemate. You’d be forgiven for assuming her real life is just as sparkling as her Instagram feed.

But as Tully says, behind closed doors, it’s a very different story.

Just over a year ago, Tully’s mother passed away after a torturous 23 year battle with early-onset dementia. 

Tully described the entire experience - from diagnosis to her eventual death - as a living nightmare. 

She gives us a really candid, honest and raw insight into how this insidious disease devastated her family. But she also opens up about what it taught her, how it changed her, why adversity is our biggest teacher, and why she’s passionate about raising awareness so no other family experiences a similar torment.

Tully's story is a testament to the saying that we should never, ever judge a book by its cover because we really have no idea what’s happening behind the scenes.

I’ve broken this chat up into two parts - it was far too powerful and vulnerable to cut anything out - part 2 will be released next week.

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