The Midweek Squeeze \ Why I never settle and you shouldn't either

Happy Thursday!

In this week's ep I chat about why we should never settle for anything less than we deserve in every area of our life.

I discuss the reasons we could be settling, why it's important to delve into the why behind thinking we don't deserve any better, I ask you to challenge the patriarchal bullshit that has us believing we as women are the problem because we're too picky and therefore should lower our standards, what happens when we accept mediocrity as the benchmark of which we live our life, I tell my own stories of settling and how that impacted me, the role self worth plays in settling, and I also pass on some practical advice to help you work out if you're accepting less than you deserve.

I'm pretty passionate about this one because I have so many women messaging me who are so sick and tired of being alone, they're desperate to settle for the next thing that comes along that's "good enough" and it always makes me so sad.

We are all worthy of a life that fills us with heart-expanding joy, alignment, love and purpose and anything less than that will sentence our soul to suffer a slow death. Not to bum you out, or anything...

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