The Midweek Squeeze \ The power of positive affirmations

Happy Thursday guyzzzzz - hope you're having a brilliant week.

This week I'm chatting the power of positive affirmations and the role they play in re-programming our thoughts.

Just a note - this isn't woo woo stuff - it's backed by extensive research that proves affirmations can be super powerful if practiced correctly.

I discuss:

  • The profound impact reciting affirmations has had on my life
  • Why it's important to personalise affirmations so they resonate with you
  • The impact they can have on your life and the way you think and feel about yourself
  • How they can interrupt negative self talk and rewire your thought patterns
  • How to incorporate them into a daily self-care practice
  • Why positive affirmations are helpful for children too
  • Using them to call in what you're seeking
  • Some examples of affirmations you can use in your practice

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