The Juice with Monique Barry \ What's my attachment style, is cheating ever okay & why being ghosted isn't your fault

t's that time of the month again! No, not that one – it's The Juice with Monique Barry!

In this episode we chat about the different attachment styles and how it's influencing your relationships, we discuss whether cheating is ever okay and how an affair can actually be an extraordinary opportunity for growth, whether the relationship stays together or not, we unpack ghosting - what is it? Why does it hurt so much when we are ghosted by someone we may not even like? Is it a sign of the times in this app-centric dating era? We also chat tarot cards and oils over ceremonial cacao because we're sooo 2020 it hurts.

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Moni is my life coach, biz coach (she helped me create Lemonade!), dear friend and scorpio soul sis. She's a fellow single mum and has dealt with her fair share of lemons throughout her life, but she's turned those adversities into an opportunity to not only grow and evolve, but help others navigating a rough time as well.

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