The Juice with Monique Barry \ Flirting with sobriety and mindfulness for kids

Here we go with the second instalment of The Juice with the BLOODY BRILLIANT/guru/oracle/all-round-legend Moni Barry!

This week we're discussing our flirtation with sobriety, we'll delve into our respective relationships with alcohol, society's conditioning around booze culture (in particular how the alcohol industry targets stressed-out mums), and why it's so important to break down the WHY when next reaching for a glass.

We also talk mindfulness for kids and share the methods we use to help our boys remain stable, centred and grounded – it's easier than you think.

Psychologists say setting up our little ones with the tools to cope with stress and anxiety from a young age fosters empathy, gratitude and the ability to process and express emotion. With rates of diagnosed depression and anxiety soaring amongst young people in first-world countries, it's well worth introducing mindfulness practices for your kids.

Moni is my life coach, biz coach (she helped me create Lemonade!), dear friend and scorpio soul sis. She's a fellow single mum and has dealt with her fair share of lemons throughout her life, but she's turned those adversities into an opportunity to not only grow and evolve, but help others navigating a rough time as well.

Follow Moni on Instagram: @moniquebarry_

You can find me: @elizabethanile

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