The Juice with Monique Barry \ Collective fear, silver linings & redesigning the life we want in a post-covid world

Happy Monday!

I hope you're all staying safe and well.

It's that time of the month again! No, not that one – it's The Juice with Monique Barry!

In this instalment we discuss tapping into the collective fear when it comes to the current covid-19 climate, how this virus has impacted our lives, the silver linings, the importance for businesses to pivot to something more meaningful that serves what society wants, not what we're told we need, and why there has never been a better chance to redesign the life we want to lead once this is all over.

Moni also chats about how meditation changed her life and why it's for everyone, especially those who say they can't possibly sit still for that long.

Moni is my life coach, biz coach (she helped me create Lemonade!), dear friend and scorpio soul sis. She's a fellow single mum and has dealt with her fair share of lemons throughout her life, but she's turned those adversities into an opportunity to not only grow and evolve, but help others navigating a rough time as well.

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