Lola Berry \ Why embracing failure is the key to living a happy, wholehearted life

Lola Berry is one of Australia’s best known nutritionists and it’s no doubt you’ve seen her pop up on your TV screen over the years.

The author of nine books, she’s passionate about inspiring us to take care of our health so we can live our best lives.

Lola is also a yoga teacher, podcast host, she studies acting full time, oh, and recently she founded Lola Coffee, instant coffee infused with medicinal mushrooms. I can barely keep up.

But it hasn’t been an easy journey, battling disordered eating in her 20s, as well as weathering through a ferocious social media storm that almost ended her career. 

Lola gets candid about embracing failure, why women have an unhealthy relationship with food, self love and self worth, dating narcissists, the fickle world of fame and social media, why she swears by therapy and why it’s essential every one of us find our purpose. 

You will probably be able to tell while listening to this interview, but I loved my chat with Lola, I hope you enjoy it too.

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