Khadija Gbla PART 1 \ On fleeing war, surviving female genital mutilation, becoming an activist & owning single motherhood

From fleeing war in Sierra Leone at the age of three, to spending her childhood as a refugee in Gambia, to surviving female genital mutilation, to resettling in Adelaide, to experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder to owning single motherhood - Khadija Gbla is one INCREDIBLE woman.

Seriously, I am so honoured she agreed to be on my podcast to share her incredible story, wisdom and message.

Khadijah is a fearless anti-FGM campaigner, working tirelessly to educate doctors, police and the community about the practice. It's estimated more than 200 million girls and women around the world have been cut and yep, it's happening here in Australia too.

She co-founded The Desert Flower Centre, the first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, specialising in providing medical care and reconstructive surgery for women impacted by FGM.

She also runs a cultural consultancy agency, working with huge companies and brands to implement policy on domestic and family violence, child protection, racism, human rights, refugees and cultural diversity.

Khadija’s Ted X talk on her experience has had close to 2 million views.

She’s also won a bunch of awards for her tireless work and somehow she also finds the time to be a single mum to her 5 year old son.

I’ve split my interview into two parts. This episode will delve into Khadijah’s story from her early years to finding out she was an FGM survivor. 

We also discuss:

How she's surviving isolation, why it's so crucial to take care of our mental health, the role therapy has played in her life, the horrendous racism she's experienced, how and why she forgave her mum.

Part 2 will drop next Monday.

Also, a language and content warning.

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