Jo Betz \ Not your typical widow

Jo Betz is a widow.

But she doesn't dress in black. She isn't angry at the world. And she doesn't collect cats.

Instead, she's a mum to her 7 year old daughter Heidi, a marriage celebrant and perhaps one of the most optimistic, loving and wholehearted people I've had to pleasure of meeting.

Jo lost her husband Craig suddenly to an asthma attack in the early hours of the night almost three years ago.

Her entire world was upended and shaken until almost unrecognisable in the space of a few hours.

In the time since, Jo's relationship with grief has changed and transformed. At first, she lamented it, ignored it, cried through it.

She thought she could tick through the five stages of grieving as if it was a to-do list, and once complete, she'd be free from its clutches forever.

But eventually, Jo realised grief wasn't going anywhere, so she decided to welcome it in and accept it as part of her soul, profoundly impacting her healing journey in the process.

Jo has just released Grief, a guided journal. It's the kind of book Jo would've loved when she was first navigating the grips of grief and it's already changing people's lives.

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