Hollie Azzopardi \ From corporate burnout to manifesting magic

Hollie Azzopardi was living the life she thought she was supposed to live.

After what she describes as a turbulent childhood, she aced school and dived head first into the corporate world.

But a few years in, her physical and mental health was suffering. Big time.

She became so unwell, she needed to take a short nap every afternoon at work just to get through the day. What happened next can only be described as serendipity.

Made redundant from her job, she decided to try her hand at wellness coaching to help others live in alignment.

Before long, she’d transitioned into intuitive readings and had a waitlist of women desperate to work with her.

Cut to now and Hollie is a writer, podcast host, public speaker, model and a positive body image advocate.

Her days are spent helping women evolve into the very best versions of themselves.

Hollie shares some incredible insight in this feel-good chat that will leave you feeling empowered, inspired and confident to charge ahead with a life on your own terms.

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