The Legacy of Gaea

by S L Gassick

From the creator of A New Winter, this classic epic fantasy where four heroes strive to fulfil their destiny and overcome the world-devastating threat of the Dark Clans.

In a future where humans have learned to unlock their innate powers, skilled youngsters are sent to elite schools to master their ‘kyu’. A new race, the Titans, has arisen and lives peacefully alongside men, although the threat of the Dark Clans is ever-present.

Rose has just started at the most renowned of these schools: Norheath's Valhalla. There she meets the shy, half-Titan Hemero, the friendly, harmless Phin and the brooding, powerful Nayakax, whose family have defected from the hated Dark Clans.

Betrayal hangs heavy in the air as friends become enemies, family turns fraud and teachers become targets. Slowly a web of deceit unfolds revealing a plot that will have a devastating outcome for the whole world.

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