with Dr. Niamh Shaw

With, Dr. Niamh Shaw 

Welcome to Lennon Courtney Left Alone, with Guests.

For this series, we’re doing things differently. We’ve all been left alone too much this year, so we’ve asked some excellent guests to join our podcast party. 

Dr. Niamh Shaw is a performer, writer and communicator with two degrees in engineering and a PhD in science. She is passionate about crossovers in STEM, art and communication and it’s her mission to share the human story of science. Oh and she also wants to get to space - hey, who doesn’t!

Niamh has also created three theatre shows, multimedia installations, spoken at public events all over the world, taken a zero gravity flight and even written a book, ‘Dream Big’ published by Mercier Press. 

We loved talking to Niamh about not boxing ourselves into particular roles and staying open to ideas and remaining curious. 

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Until next week, stay safe and thanks so much for listening. 

Sonya and Brendan.  


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