The Water Issue


Welcome to series 3 of Lennon Courtney Left Alone, a podcast about conversations we have when we’re left alone.

This week it’s The Water Issue. 

The pandemic has taken a lot from all of us but it’s also forced us to look at our routines and introduce new habits to our lives. Enter stage left, sea swimming! We’ve let our inner water babies, mermaids and mermen out and we are throwing ourselves into the chilly depths like no one's business. An avid swimmer, Sonya tells us what it gives her and sea newbie Brendan shares his (merman) tales too. Water, water everywhere, so let’s all have a...think!

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Until next Thursday, stay safe, don’t panic and wear a mask.

Sonya and Brendan.


Sonya’s Dorothy Cross Jellyfish prints

The Mappiness App - the happiness mapping app which is part of a research project from the London School of Economics. 

The science of negative ions and their positive effect (in short, get out and about in nature, esp. anywhere there is water)


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