The Sleep Issue

This episode was recorded remotely during the Dublin lockdown.


Welcome to series 3 of Lennon Courtney Left Alone, a podcast about conversations we have when we’re left alone.

This week it’s The Sleep Issue. 

Research carried out in 2018 revealed that almost 80% of Irish people are sleep deprived. We are a nation sleepwalking through life. Not getting enough sleep means we’re not getting the most out ourselves and our days but more importantly, it is incredibly damaging to our health.

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Until next Thursday, continue to stay safe!

Sonya and Brendan.


Read up on good sleep hygiene tips

Breath - The Lost Science and Art of by James Nestor

Why we sleep by Matthew Walker

Both of these books are available to borrow within the Irish Libraries system. Use the hashtag #LeftAloneBookClub if you read any of our suggestions! We’d love to see what you think. 


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