The Bullying Issue


Welcome to series 3 of Lennon Courtney Left Alone, a podcast about conversations we have when we’re left alone.

This week it’s The Bullying Issue. 

We often think of bullying in relation to younger people and schoolyard taunts but it can also take place in adult environments too. We’re going to talk about it all this week.

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Until next Thursday, continue to stay safe!

Sonya and Brendan.


Citizens Advice info - Help and advice for younger people

Sticks and Stones - help for children and resources

Sage - Support and advocacy for older adults

The Samaritans Ireland

Call The Samaritans FREE day or night on 116 123 or email (response time 24hours so calling may be better if you need immediate help or advice). 


Use the hashtag #LeftAloneBookClub on your social media if you read books mentioned in any episode. This issue, Sonya and Brendan recommend the following:

Double X Economy

Caste - The Lies That Divide Us

Both of these books are available to borrow from Libraries Ireland too.


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