The Zoe Hardman Episode

It's that time again - the greatest time in fact, because a fresh, new episode of The Lennon Courtney Podcast has arrived!

This week our special guest is friend of the podcast, TV and radio presenter Zoe Hardman. Zoe hosts the very popular Weekend Breakfast on Heart Radio in London and is also the co-creator and presenter of chart-topping parenting podcast, Made By Mammas.

In this episode we talked to Zoe about everything from motherhood to menopause and perhaps most importantly, how she first met Brendan!

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Make sure you also scroll down the show notes for some resources on menopause and early menopause.

Until next Thursday, stay safe!

Sonya and Brendan.


Read more on Zoe's experience here

Kellogg's initiative on menopause and fertility in their workplace

Menopause clinics in Ireland news

Read - Choice Theory by William Glasser. Buy here or borrow from your local library.

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