The Neven Maguire Episode

He dices, he D.Js and he’s one of Ireland’s most beloved chefs and this week, he’s our special guest on The Lennon Courtney Podcast - welcome, Neven Maguire!

Neven is a regular on Irish TV and radio as well as a prolific writer having created over a  dozen best-selling cookbooks. His latest masterpiece is Learn to Cook with Nevan and is aimed at the younger wannabe chefs in your life. For the more seasoned home cook, Neven’s Perfect Irish Christmas is a must have. It’s now available to buy in your local Dunnes Stores, bookshops and even your library and will help you make a no hassle and delicious Christmas dinner. 

In this episode, we loved chatting to Neven about his resilience and positive attitude. He also shared a few great cooking tips to help make your festive feast a hit. Sonya also shared her tale of ending up in a kitchen with Ricky Martin’s producers and Brendan reminisces on being the best damn kitchen porter in the Next Cafe on Grafton Street. The restaurant industry’s loss was truly our gain.

This is our final episode for this series but we’ll be back early 2022 rested and full of roast potatoes. 

Have a safe Christmas and New Years if you can. Special mention goes to all the shift workers out there who will keep working the festive period. We appreciate you. 

Until next year folks, bye for now!

Sonya and Brendan. 


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