EP 5: Self-Identity and Importance of Mental Health - Discussion with Lauren

Jonah has a discussion with Lauren about the importance of self-identity as an emerging adult. Lauren proves that Jonah has aspects of identity for himself at the present and it can change in different periods of one’s life.

In the second half of the episode, they both advocate for mental health and touch on why Lauren encouraged Jonah to seek counsel before launching this podcast and starting the journey of finding his birth family. 

Lauren currently works with WhyNot, a platform that helps amplify the voices of young people by creating a safe space for them to express and engage in issues that are important to them. We met at Queensland University of Technology where we studied together. In 2019 she established Long Way Entertainment; a company with the ethos to connect and collaborate with young creatives across Australia to produce interesting and engaging content and to most importantly learn from each other. I am very grateful for the opportunity to bring this project on board as a production there.

Content Warning: This podcast contains strong themes that may trigger emotional distress to some listeners. If you or anyone you know are experiencing distress of any nature, please do not hesitate to find professional support.

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