S2 EP8 - Neurological Makeup of an Adoptee with Dr. Hannah Korrel

During discussions with people in my support network, I came across the knowledge and learnings of how the brain connects and controls how your body reacts to certain events. These reactions form from very early ages that you may not even remember clearly as a memory. 

I wanted to delve into the topic of neuroscience as this genuinely interested me and made me wonder. I didn’t necessarily want to do this episode on my own, so I invited neuropsychologist, Dr. Hannah Korrel (AKA.No Bull Pysch) to share her knowledge as a qualified clinician. We caught up the other day via Zoom and had a fun and inspiring chat about mental health, neuroscience, how early stages of life is so important and her new book, ‘How to Break Up with Friends’.

Next week on the podcast, the executive producer of Neighbours, Jason Herbison, joins me on the show to discuss the storyline surrounding foster care that featured on the show last year. 

Jason also shares his story about adopting his own child with his partner recently and how that impacted the way the Neighbours depicted foster care and the thought of adoption in Australian media.

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