100. Celebrating 100 episodes: oracle card reading & 3 Pillars of the Law of Positivism

I am beyond grateful and excited to share my 100th episode! In this episode I look back on the different important teachings that my guests have shared and I also share how the Law of Positivism started. I read from a few sections from my newly released book about the three pillars that made me create Law of Positivism and I also share special celebration offers for you. I also tap into the importance of tuning into your own intuition and following your soul’s calling. The content of this podcast over the 100 episodes that I have shared have been:

- Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda

- Goddess: devotional, bhakti, work and worship

- Mother Earth: the wheel of the year, the 8 sabbats and equinox & solstice magic

- Natural and holistic healing

- We have tapped into Atlantis and Lemura

- Priestess and Rose path (Mary Magdalene)

- Reiki healing and Traditional Chinese Medicine

- Natural pregnancy and birth

- Creativity: art and dancing

- Angels and ascended masters

Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with me and taken part of the podcast and LOP community. I am forever grateful.

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